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Search Engines

MetaCrawler - Best meta search.
HotBot - World's best engine.
AltaVista - Another great.
Yahoo - Best index.
Excite - Lots of free stuff.
FTP Search - Get those files.
Deja News - News to me.
More Search Engines

Ron's Artwork

Freeware and Shareware
Freeware home - The best in small freeware.
Nonags.Com - Lots of great free utilities.
ZDNet - Get all your shareware here. - Tips and drivers for Windows.
Pass the Shareware - Lots here.
Dave Central - Has a good newsletter.
freeware98 - Not just for windows 98. - Haven't tried it yet.

Free Stuff
ICQ - The phone of the internet, a must get.
Redrival - Webpages with no adds.
Real Audio - Get a free Real Player.
Winamp - Simply the best MP3 player. - Web mail or forwarding.
Andy's Art Attack! - Clipart for web pages.

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Links of Interest
Dracula's Homepage - Educational.
Jim's Blues School - Learn to play guitar.
Disney.Com - The home of Mickey Mouse
Smithsonian - Large archive of curios.
Discovery Online - Canada's world of wonder
[email protected] - See whats up with NASA
Much Music - The Canada's music station - For all of us pet lovers
Rick Dees Online - Musics top 40.
Pink Floyd - Pink Floyd links.
J.R.R. Tolkien - Tolkien links
Art knives - Links to knives

News and Weather
CNN - Interactive custom news.
News Brief - Discovery's daily news.
TSN - Canada's sport source.
CBC News World - Canadian news station.

St. John's Weather - From environment canada.
Weather Labs - On-line weather reports.
The Weather Network - One of the very best.
The Weather Resource - Great weather reports.

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