Milo's Madness
Hi! I'm Milo, I am a chinchilla!


I am going to show you around my cage...  Vell all you people call it the veb, but I think it looks like my cage.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden.  No! I am not blond as you can see but I do speak with a Sveedish accent.

If you vant to know more about chinchillas, you can visit ChinNet.  They have tons of great stuff about my kind...

The Taco Poco Fiasco

Being a chinchilla, I do not get upset easily.  But this Taco Bell, chihuahua dog trying to speak spanish or vhatever...  He's gotta go.

You see, they originally wanted me, but I vould not lower myself to TV advertisements.  And my saying goes more like, "Locate a K.F.C.!".  You can see where they got "Yo Quiero Taco Bell!".  They both sound the same when pronounced out loud.

I do believe every dog has his day.  Justice will prevail and I vill get the fame I deserve.

Tails From The Cage

This is going to be a scary part of my page.  I vill bring you into the deep, dark terrors behind things like:  Newspaper, wood shavings, steel tubes with metal balls in them, rat poison (don't ask), cats, brewskies, and electrical cords.

I vill also give you the fuzzies, a spot to add poetry, pics of yourselves and your people.  Your input is vhat vill make us strong.  Let me lead you into a vorld vithout cages and cats, let me......... voops. he he

The Future Of Milo's Madness

Since I am a chinchilla, I have no ability to type or learn HTML.  That does not prevent me from getting my point across.  I have learned to irritate my owner (Robyn) till she bends to my vill.

Now, I ask you the people/critters to help me bug her into creating the page of all fuzzy animals dreams.  A page that us fuzzies can express ourselves artistically and intellectually.  A page vhere ve CAN MAKE OUR PLANS TO RULE THE WORLD!!!!  Voops, did I say that out loud?

Puss puss!

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