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  • March 7, 2000  Converting the page to PHP3 on a new server. This will give me the power to do alot of cool things in the future. Added a new pic to Photographs.

  • March 6, 2000  Updates to the graphic section. New background called Storm 270kb.

     HTML Programmer Certificate
    Windows 98 Power User
  • January 19, 2000  Hey that 2000 sure does look cool hey. Well I just passed a test for HTML programmers and one for Windows 98 Power Users. I sure do feel SPECIAL. lol

  • November 16, 1999  Ron's GraphicsUploaded 2 new pages. A game called Stoneroids and a newer version of my graphics page. Hope you enjoy.

  • Chick bannersNovember 1, 1999  Am in the proccess of putting alot of crap I have laying around on disks online. Most stuff is old but I kinda like to see how much I have improved. Some are actually pretty cute.

  • Flash thingy - I have done better but what the heck.

  • October 30, 1999  The interface for my new graphics website is online. If you wanted to take a look click the button. Chizeled Light

  • October 19, 1999  If your looking to make your own webpage, I am working on a tips section. This will include how to's on Photoshop, HTML, Flash and a whole lot more. For now check out my free webpage templates.

  • Robert Johnson Theme Download a Windows 95/98 theme I did up dedicated to the late great king of the delta blues, Robert Johnson.

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